Date: 15th March 2020

Like all organisations across the UK, POINT have undertaken rigorous planning in light of the Covid-19 virus outbreak and I wanted to make sure that our service users and members are aware of the immediate steps POINT are taking to ensure we keep our service users, staff and volunteers safe.

POINT is following all available advice from the UK Government and NHS England and as such have introduced systems which will help to limit, so far as possible, the spread of bacteria and the virus.

Immediate steps taken

To help prevent the spread of the virus, mandatory handwashing / sanitizing is required on arrival at all our premises. It is therefore advisable to arrive for all appointments, meetings and activities at least 10 minutes prior to their start time to allow time for you to wash / sanitize your hands.

Cleaning regimes have been increased to help to keep our staff, volunteers and visitors as safe as possible and I can confirm that we have ample cleaning supplies to maintain this regime at all times.

At this stage, all our activities will be carried out as normal unless you are notified otherwise , however I would request that you do not attend any of our premises or activities if you have any symptoms of the virus or have returned from an infected area. This is particularly important to POINT as many of our service users have children, young people and family members who are in the vulnerable category if they contract this virus.

The following links provide all the latest information about the virus including how to recognise the symptoms and how to keep yourself and others safe:


Enhanced protective measures

POINT anticipate that measures to prevent the spread of the virus will increase significantly in the next few days and weeks. This may mean that members of our team will be required to self-isolate for significant periods of time and may additionally result in remote working for all of our team members. Should these measures become necessary I can assure all our families, children and young people, that whilst events and activities may need to be cancelled, that our developed plans will ensure we are able to maintain adequate levels of service if these increased measures come into effect.

I will of course ensure that all any changes that we need to make will be communicated as they become necessary

In the meantime, whilst I appreciate that the current situation is an extremely anxious time, my team and I will do everything we can to ensure that our services remain safe during for our service users, partners and teams.

Andrew Robinson

Chief Executive Officer, POINT