I have worked in the education sector for 12 years. I started my career as a teacher moving to the position of Deputy Head Teacher for five years working mostly with vulnerable, looked after young people. I have always been committed to excellent quality education, high standards, realistic expectations and making a difference to young peoples lives. I also took on the role as designated safeguarding person and have undertaken much training in this area as well as forging excellent relationships with the LADO’s locally. I carried out the role of exams officer for three years and am experienced in the administration of the exams cycle. Working with vulnerable young people led me to write a teaching resource book ‘personal Development Matters’ which was published in 2011. Raising educational outcomes for vulnerable groups has been high my agenda since I began my career, ensuring that every young person receives the correct support and opportunity is imperative for their success and for their future.

I understand from personal experience the challenges a family faces when they have a child with additional needs. Having turned to POINT myself for advice and guidance about my son, I understand how important the service is and how much of a difference POINT makes to peoples lives.

I have a passion for raising standards and opportunities for young people and hope that by joining POINT as a trustee, my skills and knowledge can enhance the already established fantastic team. I hope to assist POINT with its vision of supporting as many families and young people as possible.