The SEND Code of Practice (0-25) requires you, yourchild or your young person to consider using the local Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Service to resolve your disagreement in the first instance and therefore you should contact Oldham Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Service prior to submitting a claim to The SEND Tribunal so they can explain your options for resolving your disagreement so you can make an informed choice.

It is important to note that using local Mediation and Disagreement resolution services does not in anyway remove your right of appeal to the SEND Tribunal.

The SEND Tribunal are responsible for handling appeals against local authority decisions regarding special educational needs, including a refusal to:

  • assess a child’s educational, health and care (EHC) needs
  • make a statement of their special educational needs
  • reassess their special educational needs
  • create an EHC plan
  • change what’s in a child’s special educational needs statement or EHC plan
  • maintain the statement or EHC plan

They also handle appeals against decisions to refuse people under 18 in custody:

  • an EHC assessment
  • an EHC plan after assessment
  • a placement to a suitable school or other institution after their release

Additionally they handle appeals against discrimination by schools or local authorities due to a child’s disability.

To find out more about the role of The SEND Tribunal Service and how to make a claim, please click the link below