A year ago I was approached to become a trustee of POINT. Working in the special education sector already, I had plenty of positive interactions with POINT and welcomed the opportunity to become involved.

The truth about being a trustee is it takes dedication to doing a good job, and having the ability to juggle your time.

The payback has been immense in being involved with POINT, in terms of skills development, networking and having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the people we serve.

It has allowed me to utilise my skills from my professional life, and also learn a whole host of new skills. I’m able to contribute and voice opinion to influence and improve a sector that I am particularly interested in.

I am currently a director of the largest Multi Academy Trust within Oldham who cater for pupils with special needs. My passion lies within special education and ensuring equality and inclusiveness for everybody – and I’m able to all this at POINT.

Being involved with POINT and being a part of the team and seeing the organisation grow and develop has been hugely fulfilling as has meeting new people and making friends.