Hi Everyone

My first update in March 2020 suggested we would have been back delivering our face-to-face support services long before now, however as we all know too well, the pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us, and we have all had to re-write the book both personally and professionally over the last 18 months.

I would like to acknowledge just how challenging it has been. My thoughts and prayers are with all our families who have lost loved ones to coronavirus, as well as to our amazing families who have shown incredible resilience, responding to lockdowns, taking on the dual roles of parenting and teaching during school closures and supporting their children and young people with SEN and Disabilities.

As we begin our road to recovery, we know that families of children and young people with SEN and Disabilities have, and will continue to experience significant and long-term effects from the pandemic. Whether that be catch up or re-accessing education, accessibility of vaccines for vulnerable groups, or looking to the future of support due to organisations having collapsed under financial pressures during lockdown.

We want you to know We are here... We are listening and We are doing everything we can to co-produce solutions.

Our teams have worked virtually throughout the pandemic and many of you have continued to access the Information, Advice, and Peer Support available from POINT.  Services have hosted a variety of events, we have continued to deliver peer support drop in sessions and our full range of workshops, however we know that virtual solutions do not work for everyone. We are delighted therefore, to announce that our teams have now returned to office based working and from Monday 4th October, we will once again be able to welcome you through our doors!

We are all so excited to see you... Hear about your journey... What's important to you and how POINT can represent your voice and that of your children and young people with SEN an Disabilities.

So checkout our Facebook pages, twitter account and our website to find out what activities and events POINT are organising and make sure you come along and reconnect.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in POINT and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Andrew Robinson