It all started back in 2012 when I first went to Mahdlo because I had heard about a new organisation that had started up in Oldham called POINT.  As a parent with an Autistic child I went to see them because I was at crisis point with the educational system.  That’s when I first met Elaine and Andrew and found them very friendly and organised.  POINT supported me through various meetings over the years and I always found my problems where listened to without any judgement.  I’ve met some wonderful people at POINT who all have expert knowledge and no matter how busy they were they always had time to listen to anything I was worried about.

When I look back over the years and think about the many brick walls I have had to face, I just don’t know where I would be, or my son, without the support from POINT.  Having POINT on our side made me feel like we were finally being listened to. 

We’ve also had some really good times with POINT away from the stress of everyday life.  The summer activity trips they organised have always been excellent and meant we could have time out as a family without worrying about anything and always feeling fully supported by the staff and volunteers.  POINT services have always supported me 100% as a parent as well as my child which means our whole family has benefited.  Even though I am always told I can hold my own in any situation, it’s reassuring to have someone believe in you, not just as a person but as a parent doing their very best for their child.