Our son was diagnosed with social communication disorder at a really young age (2) and then later also diagnosed with Autism.  Being told that your child has additional needs can be extremely tough to hear and the journey that follows emotional and at times really challenging.  

Speaking with a variety of different agencies and getting to grips with procedures and what has to be done to access much needed help for your child can be extremely tough.  Suddenly you can feel like you're fighting for the rights of your child at the same time as trying to accept their diagnosis and the nature of their additional needs.

For us POINT's input has been life changing.  To hear a friendly, knowledgeable voice at the end of the phone in your darkest hour is absolutely invaluable.  To then be told that they can provide support around speaking and dealing with other agencies and actually attend at meetings with you is amazing.  The most amazing part about the POINT team is how approachable they are and easy to speak with.  Their level of expertise, experience and the way in which they make advice and support so accessible is simply outstanding   They have helped us as a family in so many different ways particularly in seeking out and embracing help.   Our son now has a diagnosis, and an Educational Health Care Plan to enable him to be supported long term at school and as a family we have accessed a wealth of support and knowledge.

I am now a member of the Board of Trustees at POINT and am quite simply honoured to have been appointed as such!  Going forward I am really looking forward to being involved in an organisation that puts the needs of children, young people and their families at the very heart of what they achieve.