Live date 17th January 2022

Oldham's SEND Mission, Vision and Provision Consultation with Parents/Carers

This consultation will inform Oldham's Priorities for all children and young people with SEND.

1) Every child and young person is a confident communicator
2) Every learning setting is inclusive
3) Every young person is ready for adulthood
4) Every child and young person is a part of their community

This consultation will ask you for your opinion across 3 topics which include Oldham's SEND mission and vision, together with an introduction to the different types of resource provisions that are being considered in Oldham.  Each of these provisions is explained in more detail within the consultation, and we would like your views about these being introduced within the Oldham offer. 

It's really important that you have your say and tell us what you think.

Access the consultation by clicking here

For information on the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 click here