Hi, I’m Jane. I have been volunteering for the forum for 5 years now. I am married with 5 children. 4 of my children have left home. My youngest child is 12 and has a diagnosis of ASD. I first started volunteering after I received an email saying that they were looking for people to be POINT Champions. I distinctly remember saying at the first meeting “I don’t know how much use I will be, I don’t drive, I can’t answer the phone and I’m nervous around people I don’t know”.  I was assured that whatever I could do to help would be appreciated. The reason I responded to that email is the same reason I chose to become a committee member, first and foremost I think it’s important that all SEND parents and carers are informed of all the help and support that is available to them. I also believe that as a collective voice we have a much greater chance of making real changes to improve ours and future children’s lives for the better.