I am very excited to be joining POINT’s Board of Trustees and look forward to being involved with an organisation that really makes a difference to the lives of children with additional needs and their families.

I have worked with young people in Oldham for thirty years as a lecturer in Early Years Education. My skills come from the knowledge I have of Oldham, it’s people and families, education  system and social services provision.

I am empathetic to the challenges and difficulties children and their families face  and understand the importance of providing a service that offers appropriate solutions to problems that often seem insurmountable.

I hope to contribute by helping to make and support decisions that defend the rights of children with additional needs to be treated with respect and have their needs met.

I am looking forward to helping POINT move forward into this next exciting stage of it’s evolution . I know it can only go from strength to strength as the team, families and children already involved are passionate about it’s success.