The following information is helpful in understanding the booking and payments process for all POINT Activities including Oldham Short Breaks Play and Leisure provision.

The process ensures that the service is equipped to meet individual children and young peoples needs as well as ensuring that the service has suitable resources including staffing to ensure the safe and effective delivery of our programmes.

If you have any individual circumstances that you need to discuss or a question relating to our process then please contact our activities administrator in the first instance who will be happy to help. Click here for our contact details   


When you contact us, the first thing we will ask you to do is complete a registration form containing information about your child or young person's needs and their emergency contact details. This form will only need to be completed at the first registration as our delivery teams will maintain these records thereafter. This form is essential and no bookings will be accepted until the form is completed and returned to the team.

This process ensures that your child or young person's needs are understood and can be met by our delivery teams. These are essential to ensure we meet our health and safety, safeguarding and inclusion standards.


Once you have returned your completed registration form to POINT Activities, our administrator will contact you within 7 days to discuss your registration and to review the activities available to your child/young person. Please note that our delivery leads will agree where 1:1 provision may be required to meet your child or young person's needs in a specific activity. Any 1:1 provision will be reviewed in discussion with the parent or carer, along with any steps required to secure 1:1 support.


This is when your booking will be confirmed and payment for the sessions you have booked will become payable. With the exception of any POINT Trips, all activity sessions are charged at the equivalent of £2 per hour. Most term-time sessions are 2 hours and holiday sessions are 5 hours in duration. Once a provisional booking has been made, payment for the half term or holiday club will be due in full. No refunds will be applicable for non attendance.


Once POINT have received payment in full, your booking will be confirmed by our administrator and a confirmation will be sent to you to confirm your chosen activity, the start date, time, location and end date of your activity.


  • POINT and their partners need to ensure fair access to the Short Breaks Play and Leisure programmes. Therefore you may only chose one activity session per week during both term-time and school holiday programmes.

  • Your child/young person will be booked on the chosen activity session for the duration of that term time or holiday programme.  

  • Where additional places become available these will be advertised on a first come first served basis.  
  • POINT and their partners are delivering the Play and Leisure activities part of the Oldham Short Breaks offer only.  Certain Short Breaks will fall outside of POINT’s term time and holiday programmes, for example overnight respite provision, access to the Autism Youth Group, or matters relating to a personal budget. In these instances you should contact Oldham Council Children with Disabilities Team on 0161 770 7777 for further information.