Date: 17th March 2020

Following the revised UK Government advice relating to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) issued on Monday 16th February 2020, POINT would like to ensure that our families, children, young people and partners are updated on our plans to ensure that we maintain effective service delivery during this uncertain period.

POINT would like to reassure service users that our services continue to operate as usual, however the way in which we deliver those services will change in line with ongoing information and UK Government Advice.

POINT have produced the following information leaflet 'Doing Things Differently' to help you to understand any changes we are making and we would also like to share a really helpful easy read guide which has been produced by easyreadonline to support you to do your bit and stay safe.

We will continue to update you on any further changes that become necessary as a result of updated advice.

Andrew Robinson

Chief Executive Officer