Where children and young people are identified as having SEND, then their educational settings should act to put effective provision in place.

This is known as SEN Support and should take the form of a “4-part cycle” of assess, plan, do, review, which is referred to as the Graduated Response in Oldham, but is sometimes also known as the Graduated Approach.

This should ensure there is an understanding of the Children and Young People needs, that outcomes are identified to meet these needs and that support is put in place to ensure the Children and Young People are making good progress towards those outcomes.

For children and young people identified as having Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), settings will take action to remove barriers to learning and put into place effective special educational provision through a graduated response. 

The Graduated Response Workstream has co-produced some online tools and guides to support parents/carers, and those that support them. 

The links below will take you to further information

SEND - A Guide for Parents/Carers

SEND Graduated Response Toolkit for Early Years, Schools and Post 16