Person centred planning (PCP) is a way of helping to plan all aspects of a child or young person's life, and ensures that the individual can participate in plans and decisions that will affect them.

Person centred planning is not an assessment. It is about making changes in a person’s life and planning for the future. The way in which people communicate should always be respected. For those who do not communicate verbally, it is vital to prepare support for their preferred method ahead of a planning session. This could be through DVD clips, photographs or using objects of reference.

The person remains in control over how these plan are made, who is to be involved in them, how they are to be recorded, and whose help they will need to make the plans happen. Person centred plans need to be revisited regularly as a person’s requirements naturally changes over time.

Oldham Local Authority have produced a guide that helps people to understand and deliver person centred approaches.

Click the following link to access the guidance and learn more about person centred planning.

Oldham Person Centred Planning Toolkit